The Malibu Resdence is unique in both its design and construction. The project was conceived of during a period when no new building permits were being given in the city of Malibu. Despite the scope of work requested by the client, the project needed to be a remodel and the house could not extend above its existing height. The decision was made to add a lower level addition in the hillside below the existing house. The challenge was to support the existing house while completely rebuilding underneath it. The house is designed as a subtly modern remake of the existing simple ranch style home. The traditional massing and general appearance of the home was maintained while the detailing was reconceived with a clean modern sensibility. The dichotomy of the traditional forms with modern detailing is most clearly expressed in the exterior siding. The siding is a very modern green rain screen yet it is detailed to recall the board and batten that previously existed on the house.
  A double-sided fireplace at the center of the home anchors the design. The fireplace is the sole dividing feature between the living room, den, and dining room. The chimney shaft continues up through a double height living room and past a playroom above the dining and den spaces. The circulation spirals around the fireplace and chimney shaft. The Santa Monica neighborhood where the project is located consists of a mixture of mostly traditional homes with a few modern projects. The project is able to achieve a unique voice that is both clearly modern, yet also contextual. The warm contemporary look of the home was achieved both through color and by mixing modern and traditional finish materials. The project entailed a major remodel and addition to an existing 2580 sq. ft. house. The area of the house was increased to 4290 sq. ft. mostly through second floor additions, with little change to the footprint.
  The project is a new duplex on a steep hillside lot in the Echo Park section of Los Angeles. The building has been sited to minimize site impact,  maximize views and maximize solar orientation. The landscape design has also been completed by us and it includes a native plants that have been carefully selected for drought tolerance and for their ability to stabilize the steep slope, not to mention their beauty.
  This moderately sized family home mixes traditional Spanish and contemporary design. Contemporary elements such as a rain screen wall system, a canted wall, and a cantilevered bed alcove are used in conjunction with elements of an existing 1935 Spanish style home. The major remodel and addition to a small Santa Monica house has received a Platinum LEED for home rating. The elements that provided character to this small flat roofed Spanish style house have been retained and new more modern elements have been added. The, typical for a traditional Spanish home, bullnose detailing has been recreated with a subtly modern twist at the window sills. The flush wall base, which existed pre-remodel has been updated with a simple reveal. The hard trowel exterior plaster has been reapplied with improved waterproofing and the color of new rain screen wall mirrors the clay roof tiles. The home has been given a new life and, rather than forgetting history, the new and the old elements create a layered whole.
  This project was selected to be in the pilot program of the LEED Home program (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). We are proud to be one of the few firms selected to be part of the pilot testing for the expansion of the rating systems into residential projects. The 4,500 sq. ft. residence balances the space and comfort levels that are required of a high-end speculative project with the efficiencies and environmental considerations that are required by the LEED rating. Green considerations include the site selection, water efficiency, indoor air quality, materials and resources, energy usage, and provisions for the home owner’s education. The home is traditional and grand and satisfies the space and feature requirements that are expected for a home within its market sector. The project illustrates that across tastes and market sectors there are educated decisions that we all should be making.
 Silver Lake, new nine unit small lot subdivision that is currently in construction
3.13.06 011 copy.jpg
 The pair of detached single-family homes has a contemporary loft-like feel.  Vertical, double-height space was used to counteract the limitations of the narrow, twenty-five foot wide, lots.  The vertical spaces create light-filled, visually active public areas for the homes.    The stairs to the roof decks hang over the living rooms, which both activates the space and gives a visual connection between all the public spaces of the homes.  The two units share a mirrored floor plan,  yet each unit has a distinct visual presence.
 Up Town 3 is a small lot subdivision in the Silver Lake region of Los Angeles.   The homes have ample natural light, loft like spaces, and generous roof decks and provide the opportunity for single family home ownership on much smaller than typical footprints.
 New Single Family Residence built for sale in Westwood, CA
 Pair of Duplexes in Echo Park